"Organizing Committee" Sochi 2014 "

Annual meeting for ANO Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

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"Organizing Committee" Sochi 2014 "


Moscow-London-Sochi: Past-Present-Future.

Organization of the New Year for the Organizing Committee Sochi team 2014 became one of the favorite projects of the agency.
The concept of the event "Moscow-London-Sochi" play up the link of times. It was based on three Olympic Games: Past, Moscow – 80, Present - London 2012 and Future - Sochi 2014. First, guests got in good Soviet past, during the Olympics-80 in Moscow, then they came to the future - in Sochi-2014 through the present Olympic London-2012. This triple jump symbolizing the development and progress was beaten in the scenery and in the performances of the meeting participants.
In the warm and friendly informal atmosphere Olympic team resumed results of the year. It was an event that gave a boost of energy to all present for the entire 2012.