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Illusions and reality.
Developing a campaign strategy for the oldest in Russia management company PIOGlobal Asset Management we focused on its main advantage - long-term stability. The 10th anniversary of one of its most successful mutual funds in Russia - Bond Fund UK PIOGlobal was used as the information reason. The idea was realized with three priorities:
- To bring a new communications idea to specific target audience through the business media;
- To find relevant advertising channels for target audience given their media preferences and interests of decision-makers;
- Provide sufficient contacts to adapt and fix the main message - high returns with minimal risk.
The problem was solved in the concept of "Illusions" with the movement of optical illusions and strong eye-stopper - «very strong illusion that the stock will go up permanently". Creative strategy was built In contradiction to the high risks and jump stock returns.
Theme of the 10th anniversary was cleverly continued in "Vedomosti" business newspaper in a series of funny stories about the pedants fad.
Also for the task we used online media: participation in reviews, business and news web portals.

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