Shopping and entertainment center "Filion"

Angels Phil and Lion: entertainment and shopping

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Shopping and entertainment center "Filion"


Shopping and entertainment center "Filion"
In 2013, the agency has developed an advertising campaign for the shopping center "Filion"
Trade and entertainment angels Phil and Lion - mascots of the advertising campaign covering 3600. Their mission - to highlight "Filion" among competitors without losing messages about the possibilities of the product. The campaign is based on the demonstration of the variety of situations with Phil and Lion, by means of which some messages are sent - from fashion, emotional ones to seasonal discounts and special offers for family holidays.
The mascots Phil and Lion – are the characters of the mischievous, charming, versatile and recognizable stories that could be the basis of any brief to the print and outdoor advertising, space design (the inflatables and cutting characters, POS, stickers), mobile site (games, characters-consultants, downloadable content ), etc.
Mascots can stay with Filion as a permanent element of branding in the future.