Audi etiquette driving course

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Audi etiquette driving course - a common project of the famous German automaker and Debby Marketing Solutions. It is no secret that the owners of prestigious cars such as Audi A8, prefer a personal driver. But the art of driving and knowledge of traffic rules are no longer enough, the image is an important part of the observance of certain rules, an important quality that we call "professional etiquette".

With the participation of leading German and Russian automotive experts and business coaches Debby Marketing Solutions developed a special two-day course. On the first day, during training sessions and workshops, participants learned different aspects of the personal driver - from the appearance to the business communication skills. The second day of the program was held at the Audi quattro® camp Yakhroma in the Moscow region and was completely dedicated to the theme of safe and efficient driving in different situations. Within the driver training the presentation and test drive of an updated version of business-class sedan Audi A8L took place.

In the period from October 22 to November 28, 2014 more than 200 people have successfully completed the training and received certificates confirming the high level of driving skill and professional level of driving etiquette.

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